The best way for me to relax my mind after a busy day is to light up a candle and pour a glass of wine, put my feet up and just totally unwind. I grabbed this amazing scented candle a few months back on my trip to South Carolina and I’ve fallen completely in love with the scent.

Rewined candles are made from wine bottles that have fragrances that mimic the different tastes of red and white wines. Think Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and all of your favorite wines enveloped into a candle scent. It’s a genius idea and I can’t wait to buy more on my next trip. I bought the Pinot Grigio scent and it smells amazing. You can find Rewined candles at small boutiques and online as well! I’d love to get the Rose or champagne flavor next…

What do you do after a long day to relax and unwind?! Would love to hear!

3 thoughts on “Unwind

  1. Great to know, Natasha! I love my candles too. I’m surprised they’re not selling them in Princeton!
    xox Carolyn

    1. I know it seems like they should be selling them in one of the boutiques :) They remind me of you Mrs. Furey, I’ll have to grab you one on my next trip to Charleston!

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