The Perfect Tote

MZ Wallace{Pink Lava MZ Wallace Medium Tote // $215}

When I graduated from college almost three years ago (holy wow), the perfect bag was very much needed. I commuted from New Jersey to Manhattan for 8 long months, day in and day out. I carried aroundΒ gym clothes, lunch, extra work clothes in case I needed to stay overnight, cosmetics, and the list goes on. It was tough! For anyone who currently commutes long distances, I have a lot of respect for you – it is so.tiring!

Now that I am living in Manhattan, I still find myself hauling around even more “stuff” – my computer, my sneakers, my kindle, my chargers, just so.much.stuff. I ONLY found the perfect bag in November of last year. Can you believe that? It took me THAT long to find the perfect tote and here it is – the MZ Wallace Medium Tote Bag. I had to share my secret with you because I wish I discovered this bag a few years ago – it would have definitely changed my commuting experience.MZ Wallace with little bagThe tote is SO great. It is so great that I just bought a second one, the lava designed one pictured above! The material is a very durable nylon material, the size is perfect, and it comes with a super cute pouch where I stuff my make-up and hair ties in. It is also really comfortable to carry around because the straps are cushion-y. I will definitely be taking this baby overseas with me on Wednesday as I jet set to France for just a few days.Β Here we go MZ Wallace!

**images borrowed from the MZ Wallace Official Website.

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