5 Passover Lessons

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Last night, I celebrated my very first Pesach (Passover) and…… it was fabulous! I am not just saying that because Aunt Barbara reads the blog (shoutout for being one of my biggest supporters, Aunt Barbara!) but it truly was such a great night. A lot of laughter, history learning, red wine, Matzah, and happiness – the night was a hoot and I can’t wait for next year’s Passover already.

I’ve rounded up 5 Passover lessons I learned which I will be carrying with me for years to come. Thought I’d spread the love and share over here!

1. Bring a Kosher dessert & spring flowers: I’m a big fan of bringing a little something when I am invited to someone’s home. For Seder, I brought a Kosher dessert and something springy to celebrate the holiday. I’m personally a big tulips fan. Whole Foods had an entire section of Kosher desserts (which I actually just learned about) – I went with the coconut and chocolate covered macaroons. Big hit!

2. Don’t be shy: We each had a print out that outlined the story of passover in English and it also had a few embedded Hebrew prayers. Before dinner,  I was asked to participate in reading a section of the story and I nervously obliged. Honestly, I loved it and I am really happy I didn’t shy away from the experience.

3. Try e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g: There were plates of food which were completely new to me like Kugel, a baked pudding casserole dish. I decided to try a piece and ended up really really liking it. The dish actually reminded me of Pasticcio, a greek noodle casserole. I can’t wait to steal Aunt Barbara’s Kugel recipe…!

4. Ask questions: There really is no dumb question. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about the history behind Passover or what Seder meant. I felt a little silly asking these 101 questions but realized it was important to do so if I wanted to learn more about Judaism. Everyone was so open about teaching me the basics and sharing their knowledge.

5. Enjoy and embrace: Like everything in life, it’s so important to enjoy family time and embrace new experiences. I was so happy to have been invited to be a part of this holiday and it was personally important for me to learn about my other half’s religion.

First Passover

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Tonight, I’m celebrating Passover with my boyfriend’s family for the very first time. His aunt puts together a beautiful Seder every year and I am honored to be part of such a special night.  Since this is a very first for me, I am really excited to try the different foods, desserts and to learn a few prayers too!

I was told the dress code for tonight so naturally I’m wearing a dress and heels…oops! I’ve put this number together for tonight, my first Jewish holiday, because I thought it was comfortable with a bit of a c’est moi natasha twist. Happy Passover for those of you celebrating this weekend!  

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