Music Thursday ~ No.12

It has been a great couple of weeks – consistent c’est moi natasha posts, great runs, the routine of buying groceries (I really need to start packing lunches again) and the overall feeling of productivity. I’m proud to say I cleaned out my closet the other day since September is fast approaching which made a world of a difference & also made some space for fall favorites.

Of course, as always, thrilled that it’s Thursday and ready to get the weekend started! What are your plans this weekend?! I want to take advantage of the warm weather before the coldness creeps up but I hear it’s raining this weekend so a trip to the mall might be in the works….

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Music Thursday ~ No.11

Getting back into the groove of things has been a bit tough…. my mind is still in Ios and in relaxation mode. But with fall coming super soon (my favorite season), I can’t wait to start getting back into more of a day to day routine. To help me get back into the swing of things, my friend Michelle has an awesome Spotify playlist that I can’t stop listening to – Jammies 2015. Gooey has been one of my faves and as you probably already know, I love discovering new music. Happy Thursday, it’s almost FRI YAY!

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Music Thursday ~ No.9

Today, marks the 3 month anniversary of c’est moi natasha! What the heck, time has just wizzed on by. Honestly, I never knew how much work, time and effort goes into a blog until I took a leap and started my own. Coming up with content (and good content at that), churning out ideas (the notes app on my iPhone has been a favorite), proofreading (and I still make grammar mistakes), researching, taking pictures etc. Having said all of that, I am absolutely loving it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am always looking for ways to keep learning about this digital bubble. I was a little disappointed in myself this last month because I didn’t focus on learning new tricks of the trade like I wanted to. I have a to do list though that I put together for this month and hopefully I can cross out at least one thing from it. I figured if I shared it with you, it would hold me accountable!

1. Learn how to navigate photoshop and use something I’ve learned in one upcoming post.

2. Take more pictures this month using my “good” camera.

3. Create an editorial calendar!

So here’s to this month being a great, new, learning month! Speaking of new, have you listened to the brand new Mumford & Sons album?!? It’s on Spotify and you should listen to it right.this.instant, it’s awesome. Here is my Thursday fave!

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Music Thursday ~ No.8

Tomorrow is the first of May, can you believe that?! Time is slipping by real fast and it’s kind of scary. I feel like I just started the blog but it’s been closer to three months since I started c’est moi natasha. So much more to come and so many more ideas I’m cooking up!

Tonight, I had an Italian dinner with my family but as soon as I walked into dinner, I was a little tense and stressed for no good reason at all. It was a good 9-5 work day, a good work out after the work day and a good sauna sitting after the work out. It’s Thursday though and that calls for some music. With this unsolicited stress going on, I’ve had to mellow myself out a little with a few easy going songs.

Here is my Thursday pick, enjoy!

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Music Festive

renee-shepard-sales.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2xI’m not a music festival kind of gal. The crowds, the heat, the wandering aimlessly, the uncertainty – it’s actually all kind of frightening to me. A few years ago, I attended Governors Ball on Randall’s Island in NYC (aka. Gov Ball) and disappointingly a  huge monsoon struck the city and the entire music festival was drenched in soaking, wet, mud for three whole days. Let’s just say it was not fun at all to be walking around in rain boots, sinking in dirt.

Despite not having any urge to attend music festivals, I do follow Coachella fashion prettyy closely. I love seeing new trends and fresh faces every year on social media (shout out to Gigi Hadid this year). I’ve rounded up a few 2015 Coachella looks that I’ve fallen for which (not on purpose) happen to be all white outfits. What look is your fave?

1428857815-469372738 coachella-kate-bosworth-h724 designer-sahara-ray.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x mimi-elashiry-model.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

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Music Thursday ~ No.7

I’ve never had allergies before but this season, I’ve been sneezing and sniffling ever since the looks of spring started to come about. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older? Who knows. Anyways, enough about that. So lately I’ve had this urge to “keep doing better” since I am ultimately the one in control of my own world. Whether it’s working out, my 9-5 job or my personal life – I just want to keep killin’ it. This song has been one of those “motivating” songs I’ve been listening to so I thought it was perfect to share this Thursday since it ties in with exactly how I’ve been feeling lately.

Happy Thursday and keep on killin’ it this week!

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As Of Late

I’m changing it up a bit today. Instead of writing about what I’ve been up to lately, I put a together a video of a few random snippets from this past month. Here it goes – a day in the life of c’est moi natasha as of late. Hope you like it!!

Music Thursday ~ No.6

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today – I think the shift from cold to warm to hot to cool weather sickness is going on around town. Sore throat, headache, achy feeling, it’s all pretty yuck. I tend to push myself a little too much when I’m feeling not so good which of course makes everything THAT much worse. Today, I decided to take it a bit easy so I can nip this one in the butt (bud?) and avoid the grouchiness altogether.

My good friend who is currently army training introduced me to this artist Mat McHugh. His guitar skills are pretty insane and his voice is really mellow. I’ve grown to love a lot of his music but this is one was my favorite listen today since I was looking for something soothing and calm. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Isn’t he great?

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Music Thursday ~ No.5

I am not a very techy person. My phone’s storage space is always too full, I don’t know how to use shortcuts on my Macbook (it’s a work in progress), and I easily get flustered when something I try to open or download isn’t happening the way I want it to.

This week, I could not for the life of me properly open an internet browser on my computer. Images weren’t loading and I kept having to click “authenticate page.” Needless to say, it was a mess and I grew a bit irritable. I thought my computer was bugged and I searched every discussion forum I possibly could to fix the issue. I randomly stumbled upon an article that told me to do the following:

  1. Go to your Date and Time Preferences on the right hand corner of the computer
  2. Open it
  3. Make sure “Set Date and Time Automatically” is checked off.

I carefully followed directions and voila, I am BACK on Safari. How did that happen? No IDEA. Random? Definitely! But I am glad to be finally be back online.

Last week, I did’t post a Music Thursday piece because all I had was Florida on my mind but this week I definitely have a song I need to share. It is super soothing and super cool. Let me know what you think!

Music Thursday ~ No.4

Have you had a chance to see the movie Chef yet? It’s on Netflix (I am a huge Netflix fan) and I highly recommend it. Jon Favreau is absolutely hilarious. It is a perfect Sunday night, laying around, type of movie. Here’s a little synopsis – a once very famous Chef get’s stuck in a rut because he kept on cooking the same boring foods in recent years which left him uninspired. He decides to start a food truck and the rest is history (I don’t want to spoil the movie if you end up watching it)!

The soundtrack is pretty awesome and throughout the movie I found myself wanting to baila (= dance in spanish) and eat the entire time. I loved this partciular song from the soundtrack and I have been bopping around to it as I commute to and from work in this frigid Manhattan weather. It reminds me of the sun, the beach, good food and only smiles — which is just one week away. That’s right… I am heading down to sunny Florida next week and I.cannot.wait. Happy Thursday (New Yorkers stay warm or stay inside today) and hope you enjoy the song!

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