Spring Cleaning


As of late, the grunginess of winter has been overflowing all corners of my apartment, especially my bedroom. My boots were covered with white stains from the snow, my sweaters were so worn in from overuse and my closet felt musky from an abundance of hanging winter coats. I wasn’t sleeping well because of this and I knew that my eye itching was stemming from a combination of the change weather as well as the winter dust.

Of course I know that “spring cleaning” is an actual concept, but honestly, this is the first time I took it very literally and very seriously. I needed to change my environment in a big way to kick start April on the right foot.

All good things take time but now that I have invested a few hours of throwing things out, I feel 100% better. It’s made a huge mental difference and I slept so well last night. I’ve definitely been able to  kick off my week feeling totally refreshed – try it out, I promise it’s worth it, you will feel amaze too!

Here are 10 c’est moi natasha spring cleaning secrets!


1. Buy 1 new shirt, throw 3 old ones out – Make space for spring clothes in your drawers and in your closet – you’ll definitely need it for new, warmer weather purchases.

2. Open your windows – It can be easy to forget but letting fresh air run in and out of your bedroom makes everything feel THAT much better.

3. Replace old kitchen towels and old bath towels – This made a huge difference and I promise it’s not a waste of $$ whatsoever.


4. Change your sheets, bed cover and box spring cover – Guaranteed you will sleep SO much better.

5. Clean out your fridge and fill it up with fruits, yogurt and veggies – Keep it very colorful for a healthy kick start.

6. Go through all winter clothes and throw out old sweaters – Start throwing old sweaters out as soon as possible. You don’t need that J.Crew sweater you’ve had for a couple of seasons, I promise.


7. Take your boots to the shoemaker – This year, ALL of my boots needed a good polish and a good scrub. It needed to get done so that I didn’t feel like I was storing away worn in shoes.

8. Take all your nice sweaters to the cleaners  – The worst feeling is when you open a box full of nice sweaters that are… dirty. Take all of your nice sweaters to the cleaners and dry clean them before storing them away. Winter 2016 will thank you.

9. Get rid of old undies – You just have to.


10. Color coordinate your closet – Spring is here folks and let’s celebrate with fun colors – no more winter greys for me. When I color coordinate everything, I feel as though I can conquer the world, one outfit at a time.

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