IMG_0284My feet lightly touch the ground one by one – my mind becomes clearer and I’m in my own world. All of the stress and everyday worries that consume my mind slowly fades away after each breath I take. The music in my ears encourages me to keep going, to keep my pace to the beat. I feel my body getting stronger and my mind getting sharper. Running has always been an escape for me. It’s been an important part of my life and transitioning into adulthood, it’s become a necessity. It’s a time where I can peacefully self reflect and just do me. I’m in my own zone and I’m allowed to be. Nobody can bother me.

I typically like being alone and I’ve learned over the years that counting on myself and being comfortable with being by myself is really important. I was teased at an early age for being a little different than everyone else. I moved from India where I had a very unique upbringing and childhood to Connecticut suburbia and a little after that New Jersey suburbia. In India, I would run around in dessert like areas and every year the international schools would have track races where we would all compete against each other. It was my all time favorite event (see picture above!).

When I moved to the US of A, I definitely dressed differently in my collard shirts, longer skirts and Ked shoes. I didn’t play all of the “normal” sports that girls my age were playing – soccer, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey etc. I started playing soccer and basketball at around 12 years old when everyone around me had started as soon as they could walk. I was not very technically gifted but one thing I could do well was run. And there was a sense of comfort knowing that I could at least do that.

This week, I signed up for the Baltimore Half Marathon in October and the Kiawah Marathon in December. I’ve run a half marathon before (the Brooklyn Half Marathon) but I’ve been dreaming about running a full marathon for a while. I kept going back and forth, afraid to commit to something as scary as 26.2 miles but I finally pulled the trigger. Wish me luck! And maybe, just maybe, I will run the Athens Marathon one day…..

PS. I talk a bit more about my childhood in this post, check it out!

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  1. I remember those days! You were a very fast runner too. Your words inspire me to put my running shoes on. Love reading your words.

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