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New York makes me want to rip off my clothes and dance down the street screaming i love this place and i have no intention of ever leaving.

– Pamela Barsky

Quality time with my friends, my family and my significant other is extremely important to me. I recently read an article about how meaningful experiences become a big part of who you are and I truly believe that memorable adventures I’ve taken with my favorite people, has shaped and strengthened my relationships. As I continue exploring NYC,  it’s really exciting to think about the new experiences I’ll continue having in my favorite city with my favorite people. 

This past weekend, I ventured off on a Brooklyn adventure. It was beyond gorgeous out and I’ve always loved exploring Williamsburg with a partner in crime. I love that the adventure took me out of my hustlin’ Manhattan comfort zone. It’s so much fun being a tourist in my own city so I definitely took full advantage of it on Saturday – with my backpack all buckled up and my flowy white dress all ready for spring, I was ready to go.

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Things to do:

+ Take the Ferry // It.is.awesome. Even though it may take a little longer than the subway (heads up: the L train is not working these next few weekends) it’s really fun to be outside on a boat, on the water, with a gorgeous view of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge. It made me feel like a true tourist being sucked right into the huge city.

+ Walk around the Smorgasburg Food Market // Oh my goodness, there is a plethora (yes, a plethora) of food stands at Smorgasburg. It is actually pretty crazy and pretty thrilling. I ended up walking around in circles for hours just looking and watching all of the delicious food being prepped by all of the vendors. It smells amazing too.

+ Walk around the Brooklyn Flea Market // This time around, the Brooklyn Flea Market wasn’t open but I definitely wish it was. There are a lot of super cute, hipster, stores right by the water with an entire view of the city as you thrift shop.

+ Walk around Bedford Ave. // Bedford Ave. is sort of like the fifth ave of Brooklyn but without all of the wildly expensive stores (not that there’s anything wrong with Chanel). There are a lot of cool stores, restaurants and events happenin’ on Bedford Ave. Especially dainty jewelry stores which are probably my absolute favorite.

Places to Eat:

+ Smorgasburg Food Festival //  I just talked about walking in circles around all of the food vendors but obviously you have to take your pick at some point! I had an amazing Red Hook lobter roll which was perfectly mayod up on a toasted brioche role. For dessert, I scarfed down a Good Batch ice cream sandwich. I was so full but there was just so much more I wanted to try like the Ramen Burger despite the insane line.

+ Juliette // A sweet French restaurant right off of Bedford Ave., great for brunch, lunch, dinner and anything you want. It reminds me of the cute little cafes lined up on the beautiful streets of Paris. It’s perfect to stop by for a small quiche, eggs Benedict or a little something healthy. The bar is super cute too for a nice glass of wine or champagne.

+ Sweet Chick // All I have to say about this place is chicken n waffles. Chicken n waffles.

 Places to have a Drink:

+ Radegast Biergarten // Saturday was the first time I tried Radegast and it was awesome. It is a rather large beer garden with tons of places to sit and hang. There are hundreds of beers to try (I’m a wheat beer type of person) and they cook food right in the middle of the hall. There was a band too which made it more German like!

+ Wythe Hotel // This hotel has a gorgeous view of NYC if you go right upstairs. The cocktails are absolutely delicious and the decor is so chic chic. The roof is a definite must, especially at sunset.

+ Berry Park // This place is so much fun. Inside, it’s a bit of a darker bar with huge TV’s (perfect for sports watchers, which I am not) but you head to the rooftop, it becomes a sunny garden in the heart of the ‘burg. It’s a true gem with greenery surrounding all sides of the bar. The drinks are really great and the fries are even better!

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On my list to try: 

+ Allswell //

+ Brooklyn Bowl //

+ River Cafe //

+ Peter Lugers //

+ Diner //


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