Pool Please

IMG_451964402{mini natasha in India}

Just a few weeks away, lies an amazing pool in South Carolina…and it can’t come soon enough. My last mini, amazing, vacation was in Florida (weekend recaps here, here & here) and another couple of days by a gorgeous pool is definitely overdue.

I consider myself a warm weather beach person. I love the sand, the ocean, the salt, the beach chairs, the umbrellas, the sounds –  everything about the beach consumes me. But the pool, the pool does it for me too. Growing up in India, I played with my brother and swam with my friends in pools every.single.day and that’s no exaggeration. I spent hours and hours in that crystal clear blue body of water until my toes and fingers wrinkled right up.

So South Carolina, hurry on up, I just want to jump in a pool already!

IMG_451964354{Boca picture from that amazing weekend away}
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