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It’s no secret that I am very passionate about traveling. Weekend getawaysweeklong getaways or romantic getaways, I love it. A big part of traveling is packing appropriately which can be a challenging feat. It can also be a dreadful experience but if you follow an organized process, you won’t leave any necessities behind.

My mom is the most perfect packer – I am definitely not just saying that. She is a true globetrotter with years and years of experience. She has actually perfected the art of packing. I am happy to say that I started learning and listening early on as she’s taught me her magical ways.

Do you have any packing Do’s and Don’ts you swear by? Would love to hear them! Here are a few of mine that I’ve learned along the way!


1. Invest in a rolly bag – Leave the Vera Bradley fabric duffle bag at home. Even if you are traveling for just a couple of days, a rolly bag is always the way to go. It’s easier to get organized and it keeps everything in its rightful place. Invest in a nice piece of luggage because it will last you a lifetime. I currently have my eye on this one.

2. Separate your undergarments, shoes and beauty items – If you separate these items out first, it ensures you won’t leave any necessities behind. Having a proper bag for each of these will make it much easier to organize them within your rolly bag. I love using these types of  fabric laundry bags to put my shoes in (I actually take them from hotels I stay in – keep your eye out next time) and this case is my favorite investment piece for beauty items. I highly recommend it.

3. Put your outfits together ahead of time – Coordinate what you are going to wear and how you are going to wear different pieces ahead of time. Once you know which jeans with which cute shirt or which floral skirt with which white tank top would look good together, pack them in their order. This way, you will know exactly how many outfits you have for each day and it will keep you from over packing.

4. Pack a pair of undergarments in your carry on – If you are traveling to a far destination, you will more than likely check in a bigger bag. Having said that, make sure you pack a toothbrush, a pair of black jeans and a t-shirt, just in case your checked in bag get’s lost. Trust me, it happens! I have lost my fair share of luggage and it’s an amazing feeling to have a few back up items.

5. 1 1 1 –  Shoes take up a lot of space so limit the amount of shoes you pack. Rule of thumb for me is 1 1 1 – 1 pair of heels that I can mis match with anything, 1 pair of flats (sandals or boots) they need to be comfortable and 1 pair of sneakers, girls gotta exercise. This doesn’t include the shoes I wear for the plane ride, so I usually slip on a nice pair or flats that I can wear throughout my trip.


1. Never check in valuables – Those nice pairs of Chanel’s or Manolo’s go in you carry on bag and so does your jewelry. There is always a chance your checked in bag will get lost or someone may go about stealing valuables – it does happen. Bring it with you in your rolly so you can keep an eye on your things of worth.

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