Night in with Netflix

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I really enjoy watching very random movies on Netflix. Whether it’s staying in on a Friday night and lounging in PJs or laying in bed on Tuesday night unable to fall asleep, Netflix is always there to save the day. There are some oldies but goodies, some random indies, some corny rom coms and just a whole lot of options. But sometimes, I spend so much time trying to pick out a movie and browsing rotten tomatoes reviews that it ends up being too late to even start something.

As I was perusing Facebook the other day, someone posted this linkย which is a round up of 100 Netflix movies that are currently must see movies. The list is updated on a weekly basis to reflect the most current movies on the site. This was IT — ย a guide I had been searching for all this time to spell out some top recommendations.ย Now that I have this list at my fingertips, I already know the next 5 movies that I will be watching during my lounging sessions.

  1. The Babadook
  2. Nebraska
  3. Tiny Furniture
  4. Amelie
  5. Y Tu Mama Tambien

Any other recommendations? Am I missing a totally must see movie?

2 thoughts on “Night in with Netflix

  1. Natasha, this is a great idea since I’m always looking for recommended movies! The one movie I would recommend which never made it big, was a movie called Women On The Third Floor. Check it out…let me know what you think.

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