Music Thursday ~ No.9

Today, marks the 3 month anniversary of c’est moi natasha! What the heck, time has just wizzed on by. Honestly, I never knew how much work, time and effort goes into a blog until I took a leap and started my own. Coming up with content (and good content at that), churning out ideas (the notes app on my iPhone has been a favorite), proofreading (and I still make grammar mistakes), researching, taking pictures etc. Having said all of that, I am absolutely loving it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am always looking for ways to keep learning about this digital bubble. I was a little disappointed in myself this last month because I didn’t focus on learning new tricks of the trade like I wanted to. I have a to do list though that I put together for this month and hopefully I can cross out at least one thing from it. I figured if I shared it with you, it would hold me accountable!

1. Learn how to navigate photoshop and use something I’ve learned in one upcoming post.

2. Take more pictures this month using my “good” camera.

3. Create an editorial calendar!

So here’s to this month being a great, new, learning month! Speaking of new, have you listened to the brand new Mumford & Sons album?!? It’s on Spotify and you should listen to it right.this.instant, it’s awesome. Here is my Thursday fave!

PS. Have you checked out Music Thursday ~ No.8 yet?! Do it, do it!

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