Music Thursday ~ No.8

Tomorrow is the first of May, can you believe that?! Time is slipping by real fast and it’s kind of scary. I feel like I just started the blog but it’s been closer to three months since I started c’est moi natasha. So much more to come and so many more ideas I’m cooking up!

Tonight, I had an Italian dinner with my family but as soon as I walked into dinner, I was a little tense and stressed for no good reason at all. It was a good 9-5 work day, a good work out after the work day and a good sauna sitting after the work out. It’s Thursday though and that calls for some music. With this unsolicited stress going on, I’ve had to mellow myself out a little with a few easy going songs.

Here is my Thursday pick, enjoy!

PS. Have you listened to Music Thursday No.7 yet?!

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