Music Thursday ~ No.4

Have you had a chance to see the movie Chef yet? It’s on Netflix (I am a huge Netflix fan) and I highly recommend it. Jon Favreau is absolutely hilarious. It is a perfect Sunday night, laying around, type of movie. Here’s a little synopsis – a once very famous Chef get’s stuck in a rut because he kept on cooking the same boring foods in recent years which left him uninspired. He decides to start a food truck and the rest is history (I don’t want to spoil the movie if you end up watching it)!

The soundtrack is pretty awesome and throughout the movie I found myself wanting to baila (= dance in spanish) and eat the entire time. I loved this partciular song from the soundtrack and I have been bopping around to it as I commute to and from work in this frigid Manhattan weather. It reminds me of the sun, the beach, good food and only smiles — which is just one week away. That’s right… I am heading down to sunny Florida next week and I.cannot.wait. Happy Thursday (New Yorkers stay warm or stay inside today) and hope you enjoy the song!

PS. Here’s Music Thursday No.3 in case you missed it last week!

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