Looking Back

{J.Crew Women’s Networking event I attended last week  – blues & purple in full force}

Between my London trip, marathon training, crazy work schedule and celebrating birthdays, September was a whirlwind. I’m happy temperatures are lowering just a bit (just a little bit only) so I can pull out my comfy sweaters and leggings.

A few days into October and my to do list is piling up for the month.I’m really looking forward to running the Baltimore Half Marathon next week with one of my best friend’s Caroline. We are planning a fun weekend in DC and fun brunch plans for after the run! Other than that, traveling is coming to a stop until Christmas break but I’m happy to be here and get settled before moving uptown!

Here is a recap of my looking back to last month. 

{The boyfriend’s birthday celebration last weekend}

{A glass of wine outside as temperatures are cooling down}

{Restaurant decor at Jockey Hollow Restaurant}IMG_3452{Orange out in full force for fall}

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