Ios Itinerary

My family and I love exploring all the different islands every time we go to Greece. Since my dad is Greek, most of my family lives there, so I am fortunate enough to get to see them at least once a year. Other than Santorini and Mykonos, their are hundreds and thousands of absolutely beautiful islands with unique styles, unique local foods, and different vibes. This year, we decided to explore the island of Ios.

Ios is a very mountainous and hilly island, with gorgeous views as when driving around from end to end. There are pretty beaches, cute restaurants and a really fun town with a great night life. Here are a few of my favorite places we went to last month when we were there!

Where to Stay:

++ Ios Palace: Ios Palace was clean, affordable, and had a gorgeous pool right in the middle of the hotel. The views were incredible from Ios Palace as it sat on top of a hill so there were views of the entire island. We were lucky to have rooms with beach views as well so when I swung my balcony door open, the sea was right there in front of me.

Where to beach:

++ Manganari Beach:  This was the best beach in Ios with crystal blue water, beautiful sand, two tavernas and it was very peaceful. We went to Manganari a few times during our stay because it was comfortable, accessible and the views driving down to the beach were breath taking. Getting there by car or bus is a definite must. There are a lot of sun beds to choose from and it’s easy to navigate around.

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Where to Eat:

++ The Mills: There were a lot of windmills in the center of Ios’s town which was unique to the island. A restaurant lay right on top of a hill with a huge windmill right behind it. The restaurant had typical greek food but it was admittedly a bit touristy. What I liked most about The Mills was that the ambiance of the town surrounded the restaurant and the sunset was on point too!

++ Koumpara Seafood Restaurant: This seafood restaurant lay right on the beach. There was a view of the sea right in front and the decor was a fresh take on greek decor where everything was white with candles hanging down from ropes. The seafood was really really good but the service was pretty mediocre. This was definitely the best seafood in town though!

++ Vilaeti Taverna: An authentic Greek taverna that is family owned is how I would describe this place. The food was so delicious and it was by far my families favorite so we ended up going two nights in a row. The service was great and the food was delicious. The restaurant is tucked away from the center of the town so a car is necessary to get here.

Where to Drink: 

++ Click Cocktail Bar: This bar is an outdoor bar we loved going to. The vibe wasn’t too young, there were people of all ages, and the cocktails were prepared tastefully. It was definitely a loungey feely bar and we always had a great time with good throwback music.

++ Pathos Sunset Cocktail Bar: I admittedly never went to this bar but I so wish I did! The pictures show amazing sunset views and when I asked the locals they recommended going for a drink because the bar is beautiful too. I’m leaving this on my wish list to try since I only heard great things.

++ Chora: Also known as “hora” means “the town”. This is what everyone called the middle of the town in Ios where the nightlife is happening. There are probably hundreds of bars, restaurants and cocktail lounges one can choose from right in Chora.

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  1. Just what I needed! Heading to Athens then Santorini tonight and hoping to make a day trip to Ios. Wish we could have overlapped! LOVE YOU!

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