High Maintenance


I’m going to admit something a little high maintenance of me and I hope you won’t judge me too much for it. Here it goes…there are two things that I currently cannot live without – Perrier w/lemon & Equinox.  I love love love sparkling water and I love love love a good work out – I just can’t help it.

Lately, I’ve been drinking Perrier w/ lemon every morning when I wake up & every night before I go to sleep. It’s definitely become my before bed time treat and life is just too short not to enjoy. I’ve also recently joined the new Equinox gym in my office building so that’s been a huge motivating factor in keeping my work outs consistent. When a nice gym is right downstairs, there are no excuses.

Both habits might be a bit high maintenance of me but I must say I’ve been reaping the benefits from both!

Perrier w/ lemon:

  • I noticed my skin getting clearer
  • I fill up fast which makes me less hungry
  • I’m constantly hydrated because I keep wanting another glass
  • I’m detoxing my body
  • I feel healthy


  • I’ve become more fit & toned
  • I have an after work routine
  • I’m more self confident when I’m getting dressed up
  • I’m less anxious &/or stressed
  • Hot sauna = good pores

Are there any high maintenance habits that you have? What are they?!

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One thought on “High Maintenance

  1. Its’s true, if where you workout is not convenient or too far, it won’t happen. Also, I keep a pitcher of water with lemon on my desk and drink all day.
    It’s all good, Natasha!

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