Happy Mama’s Day


{c’est moi natasha’s mama back in the 80’s}

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! Tiny pieces of everything you are define every part of me. Today, I celebrate everything you are. Amazing, brave, talented, beautiful, selfless, caring, wonderful, intelligent, and the list goes on to infinity. You are my best friend and my number one person.  I look up to you in so many ways. I am so grateful and lucky to call you my mother. To me you are perfect – the perfect wife and the perfect mother. I hope to be as great as you are one day. I love you way too much to write it all down but I am so happy to call myself your daughter.

Happy Mother’s day to all of the amazing moms out there!


5 thoughts on “Happy Mama’s Day

  1. Natasha…what wonderful words for your mom. I agree with each and every word! So glad she has you (and your Dad and brother) in her life. Life is good. She is definitely the one I look up to as well.

  2. Natasha, your words are beautiful and so is your mom–inside, as well as outside. I think we all look up to her in so many ways but she is most lucky to have you and Tino as her children, and of course, your Dad.
    Well said, Natasha! BTW, I love the throw-back 80’s photo! Perfect!

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