Dog Walking Chic


As I was scrolling through my twitter feed, I read a Harper’s Bazaar tweet about Amal Clooney’s pretty chic dog walking outfit as she was out and about on a stroll with George. Could you be more perfect, Amal? It made me start to wonder,Β areΒ there a lot of chic dog walkers out there? Would I / could I be a chic dog walker? I am not a big dog person to begin with – I know what you are thinking, no sushi and no dogs Natasha? I never grew up with a dog though, so what’s a girl to do?!

BUT if I did have a dog, I would want/need to look as chic as possible while walking him or her. Here are a few dog walking chic inspired looks to start off your Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “Dog Walking Chic

      1. I have to start re-evaluating how I dress when I walk Benji! I’m leaving for France today..I will take photos of women in the south of France with their dogs and send you pics! xox

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