One thing I’ve always wanted to do is either host or attend a clambake! A good ole fashion New England clambake. It might be something simple that everyone has probably participated in at one point or another, but not me. And I’m jealous. Newspapers lining long wooden tables, unlimited amounts of clams and/or boiled shell food, eating only allowed with ten fingers, and hammering away at anything that needs hammering… it all sounds pretty great to me. Oh and rustic candles & old school Coca-Cola bottles will do as well.

Now that I’ve established that hosting a clambake is on my summer wish list, here are a few other things I want add to that wish list for this 2015 summer:

1. Flying trapeze class as the sun is setting

2. Outdoor movie laying on green grass

3. Solid picnic spread in central park

4. Peaceful rooftop yoga class

5. Fun Boat outing in downtown manhattan

6. Dancing on a beach while the sun is setting (hopefully Greece!)

7. Rent a bicycle and bike around the city

8. Book a spontaneous weekend getaway (Airbnb anyone?)

9. Go to a summer outdoor concert

10. Yankees game – always a must.

What’s on your summer wish list? Would love to hear!

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