Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Dark chocolate and strawberries make a deadly combination. I love both ingredients and I will argue that dark chocolate is indeed good for you! The other night, I wanted to make something chocolatey that would satisfy my craving but would only take me a few minutes to prepare. Since I love fruity desserts, chocolate covered strawberries sounded perfect.Β I bought a box of delicious, large, sweet strawberries and got started Β – take a look!

  • 2 chocolate tablets of Valrhona 71% cocoa (the best chocolate)
  • 1 crate of large strawberries
  • ΒΌ stick of butter

1. Combine butter and chocolate pieces into a double boiler. Stir until mixed together

2. Dip strawberries into chocolate and place on parchment paper
3. Place chocolate covered strawberries in fridge until chocolate is hardIMG_5227Bon Appetite – enjoy!

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