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 {Charleston colors}

You’ve probably figured this out already but I love to travel. I also love to find cool spots to grab a bite to eat, to sip on a cocktail and to join in on activities during my adventures. I’ve visited Charleston about three or four times now and each time I go, I find this cute little city more and more charming. It really is the absolute cutest. Everyone is so kind, the cocktails are on point and the food is simply outstanding.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite places I’ve been to so far in Charleston and a few “to do’s” I’ve really enjoyed. Have you ever visited Charleston? Any favorite, awesome spots that I should try next time I go?!


The Bar at Husk // A historic brick covered bar with an amazing menu full of concoctions. Tip – there is an upstairs part of the bar with tables and seating where you can order apps!

Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar // Located at the top of the Market Pavilion hotel, this bar has a view of the Charleston water scene and a beautiful pool right in the middle. Tip – It can get windy up there so bring a shawl or a sweater!

{Hidden alley near King Street}
{Beautiful Spanish moss trees}


Slightly North of Broad {SNOB} // Southern family oriented restaurant with historic chandeliers and decorations known for the shrimp and grits. Great for lunch! Tip – Make reservations far in advance or be prepared for a long wait!

Magnolias // Modern, southern, extremely delicious meals that are presented beautifully. Great service and great for dinner. Tip – It’s an amazing menu, try something you wouldn’t normally try!

Cypress // Owned by the same owners as Magnolias but the atmosphere is a bit different – it’s a larger space with a vast wine selection and impressive wine cellar. Tip – Get there early and have a drink at their beautiful bar, it’s worth it!

{Husk Restaurant – a favorite}

To Do: 

Walk along King Street and shop! // My two favorite boutiques that I can spend hours are Worthwhile and Candlefish. I found these candles called Rewined candles at Candlefish and I bought the Pinot Grigio flavored one, it’s amazing! I wish I bought so many more!

Flea Market // Really fun place to wander through, there are so many different stands where you can buy and look at all of the handmade crafts made by local artisans.

Walk along the Waterfront Park //  You’ll get to see a beautiful view of the Charleston bridge, the main fountain in the middle of the park and all of the greenery that surrounds the city.

Carriage Ride // I actually haven’t done this YET but it’s on my number one things to do next time I go down there. Has anyone done a carriage ride in Charleston before? I’ve heard the tours are great and every time I see one of the carriages passing through I just want to hop on! 


{Fountain by the park}

{Historic horse carriage rides}

This is a very short list of things to try in Charleston because the city is full of amazing places and things to do. Next time I go back, I’ll post an updated version of this list with many more of my favorites!

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