{Taken at Jockey Hollow Restaurant}

Change is scary. Well, at least it’s scary for me. I’m a planner- I like to follow a routine and right when I started to feel really comfortable with my routine, change is coming my way. But hey it’s not a bad thing. I’ve learned to embrace the excitement of any & all changes in my life. And from my upbringing, I’ve learned the importance of adjusting and adapting.

The big change coming my way is…Β I will be living all by myself in Astoria, Queens in December! Yes, that’s right, I am moving uptown to Queens,! I’m so excited to have my own space, a place that is really all mine.Β I’m also excited to live by myself with my own rules and to save, save, save money. But I’m also really nervous. I’m nervous about the commute (my 9-5 job is all the way downtown) and I’m nervous about being bit isolated up there.

Nonetheless, I have a gut feeling that this is going to be a very positive change for me and I am really looking forward to it.

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