c’est moi natasha running confessions // 2.

Three full months are now left of marathon training which is pretty crazy. Pressure is ON. If you caught my last c’est moi natasha confessions post, I was JUST starting the training off. I’m excited to be in semi good shape to run  distances that I haven’t pushed myself to run before. That being said, I still have a ways to go. One thing I’ve learned throughout training is to start being more confident in myself. If I stay consistent and focused these next three months, all will be good. Having the support of family and friends has been a huge life savor too.

For this last summer weekend, I was in Kiawah, so I had the chance to run and train on the course that I will be running on December 12th! The weather was a bit more humid than I am usually used to which made it a bit tough to train but by the time December rolls around I’m sure the weather will be jusssttt right. So here’s to the next three more months of training (and squeezing two 20 mile runs in between)!

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