Blue & Gold

IMG_7205After a great fourth of July weekend in New Jersey, I’m ready for another long weekend! If you didn’t catch my Facebook post the other day, our apartment renovations are finally complete!! I did two very adult things this weekend – I bought a couch at Restoration Hardware and a barbecue at Home Depot. Let me tell ya, it was pretty tiring. I am absolutely thrilled with how the apartment turned out after six, long, grueling months of intense renovations. All I want to do is jump up and down screaming “It’s done, it’s done!” I can’t wait to share more pictures on the blog so be sure to stay tuned!IMG_7216 IMG_7213 IMG_7212Outfit Details: Joie Tunic Dress (similar here) // Equinox Clutch //Vince Camuto Wedges

Pep in my step

Tomorrow is October 1st and it’s still pretty warm out party people! As excited as I am to bust out sweaters and booties, I’m still enjoying the skirt no tights look. Over the weekend, I spent some time in New Jersey and wore this jean skirt in so many ways. It was so easy & versatile to bring on a weekend trip.

It’s always fun to come up with ways to transition summer pieces into fall staples. I have a few dresses I’ll look to pair up with a leather jacket and boots or rompers I’ll wear with tights underneath. The more creative I get with my wardrobe the more $$$ I can save!

Outfit Details: Banana Republic Sweater (similar here) // Ralph Lauren Skirt (similar here) // Rebecca Minkoff Boots // Banana Republic Scarf (similar here)


A lot of important people in my life happen to have September birthday’s. From my father to my boyfriend to my boyfriends family, everyone is either a Virgo or a Libra. It’s always a really fun month filled with dinners, cocktails and celebrations which gives me something to look forward to. In London, I also found witty birthday cards that I was able to bring back to give to everyone.

Tonight, I’m heading to Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen for a joint birthday celebration and I can’t wait to try it. The menu looks unreal – hello oysters, clams and tartare. To celebrate, I decided to pair up some fun heels with black jeans and a bright shirt. Follow my Instagram to see what the food looks like tonight – mmhmmmm can’t wait!

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Rompin’ Around

Tonight, is my first night in Greece. I am ecstatic to be here! This trip came at a great time – relaxation is currently much needed. On the agenda for this week is to see my dad’s side of the family, explore a new Island called Ios and host a friend for a weekend who has never been to Greece. All in all, it’s going to be a fabulous week and my pale self will finally get a little color. If you want to follow my trip, be sure to follow me on Instagram! Hope you have a great weekend! 

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Outfit Details: Zara Romper, Pucci Scarf, Tory Burch Sandals

Hodge Podge

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Has there ever been a time in your life where you have felt that everything, and I mean everything, is a priority? And I don’t mean everything on your 9-5 work to do list but rather every aspect of life needs to come first, right now, this instant? I can’t seem to currently figure out what I want/need/what I’m supposed to 100% focus on and dedicate myself to. I want everything to be great, settled and in place.

Marathon training is supposed to come first. My relationship is supposed to come first. My family is supposed to come first. My blog is supposed to come first. And same thing for my friendships and my corporate 9-5 life. I want to focus on all of these things with all of my energy but recently the balance isn’t there. Why is it that everything I value is supposed to come first and why am I putting pressure on myself to feel this way?

Right now more than ever, I have this urge to be perfect at everything I’m doing. I’m typically hard on myself but for some reason, unbeknownst to me, something has hit me where this need for perfection has been amplified by 1000x. I want to do a kick ass job 9-5, I want to be the perfect girlfriend, the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, run a perfect run and I can’t figure out why the sudden need for equal perfection in all aspects of my life.

What would my 30 year old self tell my 25 year old self if it saw me today trying to juggle it all? Maybe I can think of two words… r -e-l-a-x  & r-e-b-o-ot? Who knows,  I guess I’ll figure it out in a few years. So in the meantime, I’m going to Greece on Thursday to just lay on a beach. Maybe I’ll figure it out at that point too.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.12.21 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.13.06 AM

Outfit Details: Rag & Bone T Shirt (similar here) // Zara Jean Shorts (similar here) // Fringe Bag (similar here) // Vans Sneakers

* all pictures taken for c’est moi natasha

Neutral Dress

I love this neutral colored dress. It’s so easy to wear and so comfortable too. I’ve worn it on several different occasions throughout the years. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (here and here) engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and weddings are filling up weekend schedules this year. Pairing this dress with a pink clutch, pink shoes and pink lipstick was the perfect touch for an outdoor summer rehearsal dinner. Have a great weekend!


Thread Social Neutral Dress (similar here and here) // Manolo Blahnik Pink Shoes ($595)  // Pink Clutch (similar here and here) // Milani Lipstick

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Effortless Traveler

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about traveling, it’s that looking effortless, comfortable and chic is important. I’m personally not a sweatshirt/sweatpants kind of gal traveler but I am all about comfort. There are definitely ways to dress comfortable and still look classy/put together all at the same time. Here is my summer travel dress code that I always follow:

Maxi Dress // I have a few maxi dresses hanging in my closet and they are amazing. I slip them right on and I suddenly look put together without even trying (okay, with a bit of foundation and concealer splashed on my face, I guess I’m trying a little). I love traveling in maxi dresses, especially cotton ones, when I venture off to a warm weathered destination. If it’s chilly on the plane (which it always is), the dress serves as a blanket but then as soon as I step out into the warm weather, I’m all set to go!

Maxi Dress favorites under $100: Aqua Maxi Dress $66 (on sale!) // TopShop Black Maxi Dress $35 // Sleevless Native Youth Maxi Dress $70 // Splendid Slit Maxi Dress $94 (on sale!) // Striped Knit Zara Dress $39.90

Light weight scarf // This scarf I’m wearing is a really lovely gift that I’ve shared via Instagram and the blog a few times. I can’t get enough! It’s so easy to wear, it’s light weight and it’s a perfect summer add on to any outfit. I also love wearing scarves on planes because they serve as a blanket, just like the maxi dress does, and it easily dresses an outfit up. Whether I’m wearing a maxi or just a plain white T, summer scarves are the perfect addition.

Light Weight Scarf favorites under $100:  JCrew Embroidered Infinity Scarf $55 (taken an extra 30% off!) // Summer Floral Scarf $58 // Summer Bicycle Scarf $48 // Chevron Print Scarf $49 // Border Haze Scarf $38

Denim Jacket // My Gap Denim Jacket has been a travel jacket staple these last few years. Every summer, I always bring my jean jacket wherever I go. It’s warmer than a cardigan but light weight enough to wear out on a summer night. I can pair up denim with a cute maxi skirt or cute cotton shorts. I’ve had this one that I’m holding for a few years and I love it. It wasn’t too expensive which is a plus and the light blue color goes with everything.

Jean Jacket favorites under $100:  1969 Denim Jacket $69.95 // Vince Camuto White Denim Jacket $99 // Topshop Denim Jacket $75 // Fitted Denim Jacket $90 // Zara light blue Denim Jacket $49.90

Hat or Hair Accessory // Full disclosure – after a flight my hair get’s a little greasy…. so I like to cover it up with a hair clip, a headband, a hair scarf or a straw hat. It actually ties the whole look together in a pretty bow and as soon as I step out of a plane, I can hide my disheveled hair without a lot of effort. If you read my fedora post, hats are definitely something I’m loving this summer and I’m actually ready to purchase a new one for my upcoming trips! See a few of my favorite options below!

Summer Hat favorites under $100:  TopShop Suede Fedora $48 // Three-tone Straw Hat $29.90 // Girls Floppy Sun Hat $29.50 (extra 30% off with code!) // Wide Brimmed Straw Fedora $90 // Aqua Floppy Sun Hat $98

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The fedora “look” has been really growing on me as the summer season starts to ramp up. It might be because I saw a lot of people, especially men, wearing them on my trip to South Carolina or maybe it’s a new trend that I’m just catching onto. Either way, I’m a fan! I’ve rounded up a few men’s fedora’s that are pretty cute for this hot season. What are your thoughts on fedora’s? A do or a don’t?

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.46.51 PM

{JCrew Panama hat – $65.00}

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.11.04 PM{Lennox Fedora – $19}

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.59.55 PM

 {Beach Fedora – $36.50}

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.56.22 PM{Panama Straw Fedora – $168}

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.55.27 PM{Craig Fedora – $109}

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Polka Dots

Summer nights are here in full swing! I spent this past weekend in New Jersey and I ate a whole lot of sushi. If you ever find yourself in the North Jersey Madison area, you should defintiely try Blue Wazabi, they have amazing sushi and amazing sushi pizza. Friday and Saturday night I went out with friends and all I wanted to throw on were skinny jeans, cute summer tops and wedges. This Madewell Polka Dot top is super comfortable and was perfect for a night out on the town. Hope you had an amazing weekend!


Madewell Polka Dot Top (on sale $24.99!) // Zara Jeans (similar here and here) //  Vince Camuto Wedges (similar here)

PS. I’m really loving stripes for the summer too, check out my new JCrew skirt (on sale too)!