Top 5 Kitchen Must-Haves

{our new kitchen}

Since I’ve recently moved into my own adult-like place, I’ve started navigating my way around our new kitchen. One of my resolutions is to cook more often in 2017 which I’ve started to do the past few weeks.

Over the last few months though, we’ve received some amazing housewarming gifts and christmas gifts for the kitchen that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Yes, we are very lucky to have some really great friends and family in our lives!

If you’re like me and have a wedding packed social calendar this year, I definitely understand the last minute scrambling of engagement gifts or wedding gifts. Here are my top 5 can’t live without, must-have, kitchen items that I’m hoping will inspire and spark some gift ideas. Hope you enjoy!

MacKenzie Childs Tea Kettle

Nespresso Machine

Le Creuset Pot

Wusthof Knife Block Set

Farberware Hot Plates

{This item might seem a bit random but my apartment currently has no gas which means no stove. I’ve had to be creative and buy an electric hot plate which I recently purchased and this one works amazingly well! }

Rugs on Rugs

Decorating my new apartment has been fun, exciting and just overall awesome. I finally feel like I have my very own place where I can invest in items that I love. We put in gorgeous tile floors that look like wood which I am obsessed with. I don’t want to hide the floors too much since they are so beautiful but I do think an important piece of every room is a pretty rug.

I wanted to buy a rug for the bedroom, living room and hallway to make the place feel more homey. It was tough finding well priced rugs but after weeks of searching, Joss and Main was the perfect sweet spot site. I found reasonably priced, colorful, and very well made rugs for I was thrilled when I got them because they were perfect – I can’t recommend this site enough.

What I loved about shopping on Joss and Main is that it’s well organized and there are reviews from customers on each product they have. I’m a BIG customer review person. I took the time and read through each and every review on the rugs I wanted to purchase before making a final decision.

Here are the final three I picked out for each room, hope you love them just as much as I do!

Hallway rug – Thea RugBedroom Rug – Belle RugLiving Room Rug- Tory Rug


Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.05.29 PM

  1. Jungle Shadows Clock
  2. Pillow Cover
  3. Undersea Candle
  4. La Creuset Pot
  5. Elka Bowl
  6. Pineapple Coasters

With home decor on my mind, I can’t stop surfing the internet for decorative items that have a pop of color to them. The apartment is very white, grey and bright which I absolutely love but it definitely needs a spark of color here and there. I’m loving the green and mustard accents but can’t seem to make a set decision. What’s your favorite accent color?Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.25.20 PM

  1. Curtains
  2. Wall Hooks
  3. Ceramic Vases
  4. Stools
  5. Pillow Cover
  6. Mixing Bowls



Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.34.27 PM
{the proposed plan}

If you didn’t catch my big move news, I’ll quickly fill you in. I’m officially moving into my very own place in Astoria… at some point. It didn’t happen in December but It WILL happen this year (keeping my fingers crossed for April)!

The space that I am moving into is a home owned by my family that my grandfather purchased many years ago. It’s a place that’s close to my heart and meaningful to me since it’s the first place my father lived in when he immigrated to the United States from Greece. It’s definitely a special place and area with lots of history and culture that I can’t wait to explore.

There is a ground floor of the home that we have the opportunity to build out into a one bedroom apartment. When this opportunity arose, I saw it as an amazing way to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to essentially “flip” a space from nothing to something great. As the work has started, this has been a much bigger project than I originally anticipated but I’ve been loving every minute of it.

Here are some before shots of what the ground floor looked like when we first started the work. I know what you’re thinking..HOW are we going to turn this into a one bedroom apartment.. well we shall see!

I’ll be documenting the progress and the renovation journey on the blog so be sure to follow along for updates!IMG_5687 IMG_5686 IMG_5014 IMG_5013

Rustic Feel

lights rustic

A lot of good changes are coming up! The good changes don’t only pertain to myself but they also pertain to the boyfriend. Aust is moving into his own NYC apartment and I’m really really excited for him. One secret thing we love to do together is going on long drives to look at the decor and aesthetics of different homes wherever we are. We both have an interest in interior and exterior style/decorating.

When thinking about his new place, we both agreed that a rustic, American feel, with a mix of tribal twist would look pretty awesome. Dark wood, deep reds and rustic blues all come to mind. I explored Pinterest today for some inspiration because September 1st is coming up pretty fast (I also want a say in the decor!) and I am stoked to help him put his new home together.

flag rustic native american Rustic American Home Room Fireplace

Images borrowed: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

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The best way for me to relax my mind after a busy day is to light up a candle and pour a glass of wine, put my feet up and just totally unwind. I grabbed this amazing scented candle a few months back on my trip to South Carolina and I’ve fallen completely in love with the scent.

Rewined candles are made from wine bottles that have fragrances that mimic the different tastes of red and white wines. Think Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and all of your favorite wines enveloped into a candle scent. It’s a genius idea and I can’t wait to buy more on my next trip. I bought the Pinot Grigio scent and it smells amazing. You can find Rewined candles at small boutiques and online as well! I’d love to get the Rose or champagne flavor next…

What do you do after a long day to relax and unwind?! Would love to hear!



One thing I’ve always wanted to do is either host or attend a clambake! A good ole fashion New England clambake. It might be something simple that everyone has probably participated in at one point or another, but not me. And I’m jealous. Newspapers lining long wooden tables, unlimited amounts of clams and/or boiled shell food, eating only allowed with ten fingers, and hammering away at anything that needs hammering… it all sounds pretty great to me. Oh and rustic candles & old school Coca-Cola bottles will do as well.

Now that I’ve established that hosting a clambake is on my summer wish list, here are a few other things I want add to that wish list for this 2015 summer:

1. Flying trapeze class as the sun is setting

2. Outdoor movie laying on green grass

3. Solid picnic spread in central park

4. Peaceful rooftop yoga class

5. Fun Boat outing in downtown manhattan

6. Dancing on a beach while the sun is setting (hopefully Greece!)

7. Rent a bicycle and bike around the city

8. Book a spontaneous weekend getaway (Airbnb anyone?)

9. Go to a summer outdoor concert

10. Yankees game – always a must.

What’s on your summer wish list? Would love to hear!

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Toi et Moi Pour Toujours

Sparkler 2In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that the main reason I traveled to France this past weekend was for my aunt’s beauitful wedding. And that’s exactly what it was – an absolutely beautiful wedding weekend. It had been such a long time since my entire family was all together and that was my favorite part of the trip. We laughed as we remembered old jokes from way back when, we danced the night away as if no time had passed at all, and we reminisced on all of the moments we’ve shared together. There were some members of my family that I had not seen in over ten years so for all of us to be together again was really special.

My aunt wore a gorgeous, classic, cream colored dress that fit her beautifully. To top the outfit off, she wore sparkly shoes and a pearl necklace to match her pearl hair accessory. She was incredibly happy as she walked down the stairs from the mayors office, where the ceremony took place, hand in hand with her man by her side.

The reception took place in an elegant hotel inside a large banquet hall where each table was named after a specific type wine from the French region. Foie Gras (my absolute favorite) overflowed the appetizer section, champagne bottles were endless (my second absolute favorite), and fountains of chocolate desserts took over the tables. The ceremony and the party couldn’t have been more perfect. I hope we don’t wait for another wedding for all of us to be together again because this was way too much fun…Cousins Dancing Me and Mom Me and Mom 2 the bride and cousinswalking in mayors office WOmen Sparkler outside tent Men

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Spring Benefit

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending a beautiful event called the Fresh Air Fund Spring Benefit. The Fresh Air Fund is a non-profit organization that sends inner city children to a summer camp in upstate New York or to a host family from Virginia to Maine for the summer. Through these summer getaways, these wonderful kids have the opportunity to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

The spring benefit is an annual event that raises money for the fresh air fund in order to keep and improve the program every year. A few honorary guests attend the benefit and this year was no different. On the list was Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham and Zac Posen. I was definitely a bit star struck to say the least… I did not get to meet Zac Posen which was a huge bummer (but I was close enough to the podium where he gave a speech!) but I did meet Victor and Odell (yes, we are on first name basis)!

If you know me by now, you know that I love getting dressed up and going out on the town. I wore this really sweet black & white DVF dress that I fell in love with and these really cute red drop down earrings from Bloomingdales (more details on my outfit in this post). ‘

The benefit theme this year was space themed which I loved because the decor was fabulous and the theme tied well with the purpose of the Fresh Air Fund – helping kids reach for the stars. The event space was located on Pier 61 so there was also this beautiful view of the water and the moon that night.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I danced the amazing night away with family & friends and it was such a great feeling being part of an event that helps raise money for such a great cause. Read more about the Fresh Air Fund here and how to donate if you are interested!

Night in with Netflix

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I really enjoy watching very random movies on Netflix. Whether it’s staying in on a Friday night and lounging in PJs or laying in bed on Tuesday night unable to fall asleep, Netflix is always there to save the day. There are some oldies but goodies, some random indies, some corny rom coms and just a whole lot of options. But sometimes, I spend so much time trying to pick out a movie and browsing rotten tomatoes reviews that it ends up being too late to even start something.

As I was perusing Facebook the other day, someone posted this link which is a round up of 100 Netflix movies that are currently must see movies. The list is updated on a weekly basis to reflect the most current movies on the site. This was IT —  a guide I had been searching for all this time to spell out some top recommendations. Now that I have this list at my fingertips, I already know the next 5 movies that I will be watching during my lounging sessions.

  1. The Babadook
  2. Nebraska
  3. Tiny Furniture
  4. Amelie
  5. Y Tu Mama Tambien

Any other recommendations? Am I missing a totally must see movie?