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I am a firm believer that everything should have its own proper place. In other words, sweaters belong in the sweaters drawer, t-shirts belong in the t-shirts drawer and underwear belong in the underwear drawer. It’s just the way things are supposed to be – organized and thought out. I realize that not everyone may think this way, which is perfectly okay, but I personally love when things are neatly packaged together (even in my rolly bag).

As I’m starting to familiarize myself with building c’est moi natasha on WordPress, it made sense for me to start bucketing each post I create into various categories that I love writing about. I’ve been organically creating blog post categories as I go along but I wanted to make sure that having categories in place was not going to dictate or limit what I write about. At the same time, it seemed really important and logical for me to place each post I write about in its own, neatly, thought-out, place.

Earlier this month, I talked about how I want to continue improving c’est moi natasha and learning site enhancements as I go along. This past weekend, I challenged myself to create a drop down categories menu on my site header. I wanted to create an experience for you where if you were interested in reading a post on a specific topic, all you had to do is move your cursor on top of the categories menu and a drop down list of topics would magically appear.

After an embarrassingly amount of time watching “How To” Youtube videos, I am proud to say that I was finally able to create just what I had in mind. See a screenshot of the new site enhancement below!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.40.35 PM

If you click on a specific category you are interested in, you can read blog posts on that particular topic. Here is how I’ve separated out each of my categories and subcategories – I’ve also included examples of posts that would be listed under each bucket:

What do you think?! Do you like the categories menu? Play around with it and let me know! Hope you like it!

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