Bridesmaid Gifts?

I loved being a bridesmaid at my friend Casey’s wedding. I am extremely lucky to have had such a fun, drama free, first time experience. As people my age are getting engaged & married, I have been hearing tons of bridesmaid and bridezilla horror stories. Casey was thankfully the complete opposite of a bridezilla – she was so calm, inclusive in her decision making, conscious of people’s time, aware of activity costs, and I really could go on forever. She strived to make it a special day for all of us bridesmaids throughout the entire experience.

When I received not one but TWO gifts from Casey for being a bridesmaid, I was utterly confused (in a good way).“Why am I getting a beautiful Kate Spade Knotted Bracelet and a gorgeous black & white framed picture (see above)? All gifts should be for you, Casey!”  But apparently, bridesmaid gifts are an actual “thing.” Who knew! My curiosity about bridesmaid gifts led me to the ‘net where I scavenged for cute ideas and personal takes. Take a look!


{Bathrobes & monogrammed hangers}

2b0a3b02cd1cb79139b3ea1426c7f356{Beach Totes}


{Knotted Gold Earrings}cfc3cd218fa7e7ad94e10e3d6033d8fa

{Champagne Glasses}

Have you received a cute bridesmaid gift? I would love to know all about it!

*All above pictures are taken from Pinterest

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