6 Things French People Find Weird

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My cousin and his fiancé (newly engaged!!) came to visit NYC all the way from France this past week. It was amazing getting to see him because it had been over five years since we’ve seen each other. Yes, a very very long time. Our mom’s, sisters, made sure that we spent a lot of time together growing up (we saw each other at least once a year, keep in mind we’ve always lived in different countries) so we’ve been very close. I am planning a short trip to France in June, so this time around instead of saying our see ya never goodbye, it was more of a see ya lata goodbye.

Christian and his fiancé explored NYC this past week in it’s entirety. I have never seen such a precise tourist schedule/plan before. Tonight, was their very last night in the city so we got together for one last cocktail or two to reflect and chat about their week’s adventures. Naturally, I was very curious about what they found super weird about NYC and what they found super cool too. Check it out, it’s pretty interesting!

6 things French people find weird:

  1. Chicken and Waffles
  2. Tipping
  3. Not having to input a pin number once you pay with a credit/debit card at a restaurant (something you have to do in France)
  4. Segregated (men/women) changing rooms
  5. Very few PTO days
  6. “To stay” at a restaurant still means a lot of food items are wrapped up

6 things French people find cool:

  1. Bagels with lots of cream cheese
  2. So many sports (baseball, basketball, football, soccer) to watch and root for at all times
  3. Brunch
  4. NYC residents being very friendly to tourists (no sarcasm)
  5. McDonalds American breakfast (sausage, hash browns, pancakes, burrito, eggs)
  6. Squirrels


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3 thoughts on “6 Things French People Find Weird

  1. Another one I’ve heard french people find weird is cinammon! Loved this post…good you had a chance to spend time with them…sorry I missed meeting them….very cute couple!

  2. We love that blog post!
    Another one could be to have such clean streets in a city like NYC!
    The cool squirrels are only the ones NOT from Central Park ;)
    It was really great to see you guys… And as you said, see you soon! Then you will write a post about what you Americans find weird/cool in France :)

    1. Chris & Sev – you were my inspiration in writing this post! I should have clarified it’s the squirrels from all parks BUT Central Park :) Can’t wait to see you both very soon in France this summer!

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