Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Bread

If there is one place I can spend hours upon hours in it’s William-Sonoma. There are so many cooking contraptions, utensils and recipes scoured all around the store that tend to keep me extremely occupied. I always pick up all sorts of random things and fill my basket up pretty quickly with shenanigans- like a donut pan. Hey, I need to start making those apple cider donuts and I definitely need the donut pan!

There are also so many quick and easy William-Sonoma mixes that never disappoint. I picked up this Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Quick Bread Mix and I couldn’t wait to overwhelm my kitchen with the smell of pumpkin because tis the season! Paired up with the cream cheese frosting recipe on the back of the mix, this Spicy Pumpkin Pecan recipe did not disappoint. If you find yourself at William-Sonoma these next coming weeks, I highly recommend you pick yourself up a quick bread (now 30% off online too), it’s to die for!

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c’est moi natasha confessions // 3.

The big, bad marathon is a little less than two months away which is a tad bit scary. Training is getting much more intense every week, especially as December is starting to slowly (but not so slowly) creep up. My legs feel stronger than ever and 12 miles is starting to feel routine and casual which is something I never thought I would say. The amount of time marathon training takes has been a bit of a surprise. Of course I knew it would take time to train but when I need to allot at least two hours a day to just focus on running & stretching after or before a long day of work, it can definitely take a toll.

Running has become a top priority especially recently because of the anxiety I have about December being right around the corner. I remember sharing the news when I had just signed up for it in May like it was yesterday. Crazy how time flies.

As I’m slowly building my Spotify playlist (I love running with music), I thought I would share what it looks like so far. Yes, a lot of top 50 songs I’m jamming out to. I definitely have a bunch more songs I need to add so please please give me any and all suggestions you may have! Leave a comment below! Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 8.18.45 PM

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Looking Back

{J.Crew Women’s Networking event I attended last week  – blues & purple in full force}

Between my London trip, marathon training, crazy work schedule and celebrating birthdays, September was a whirlwind. I’m happy temperatures are lowering just a bit (just a little bit only) so I can pull out my comfy sweaters and leggings.

A few days into October and my to do list is piling up for the month.I’m really looking forward to running the Baltimore Half Marathon next week with one of my best friend’s Caroline. We are planning a fun weekend in DC and fun brunch plans for after the run! Other than that, traveling is coming to a stop until Christmas break but I’m happy to be here and get settled before moving uptown!

Here is a recap of my looking back to last month. 

{The boyfriend’s birthday celebration last weekend}

{A glass of wine outside as temperatures are cooling down}

{Restaurant decor at Jockey Hollow Restaurant}IMG_3452{Orange out in full force for fall}

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{Taken at Jockey Hollow Restaurant}

Change is scary. Well, at least it’s scary for me. I’m a planner- I like to follow a routine and right when I started to feel really comfortable with my routine, change is coming my way. But hey it’s not a bad thing. I’ve learned to embrace the excitement of any & all changes in my life. And from my upbringing, I’ve learned the importance of adjusting and adapting.

The big change coming my way is… I will be living all by myself in Astoria, Queens in December! Yes, that’s right, I am moving uptown to Queens, all.by.myself! I’m so excited to have my own space, a place that is really all mine. I’m also excited to live by myself with my own rules and to save, save, save money. But I’m also really nervous. I’m nervous about the commute (my 9-5 job is all the way downtown) and I’m nervous about being bit isolated up there.

Nonetheless, I have a gut feeling that this is going to be a very positive change for me and I am really looking forward to it.

Pep in my step

Tomorrow is October 1st and it’s still pretty warm out party people! As excited as I am to bust out sweaters and booties, I’m still enjoying the skirt no tights look. Over the weekend, I spent some time in New Jersey and wore this jean skirt in so many ways. It was so easy & versatile to bring on a weekend trip.

It’s always fun to come up with ways to transition summer pieces into fall staples. I have a few dresses I’ll look to pair up with a leather jacket and boots or rompers I’ll wear with tights underneath. The more creative I get with my wardrobe the more $$$ I can save!

Outfit Details: Banana Republic Sweater (similar here) // Ralph Lauren Skirt (similar here) // Rebecca Minkoff Boots // Banana Republic Scarf (similar here)