c’est moi natasha running confessions // 1.

10521792_757047187746679_3101912126384533671_nToday marks day one of marathon training! I am feeling both anxious and excited as I embark on this new, long, running journey. June wizzed by in a flash and as July was approaching, the big start date (today) was highlighted & marked down in my brain calendar as the official day. I told myself I just need to dive right into it.

I’ll be closely following the Hal Higdon Marathon Training plan. I didn’t join a running group or an official training program, so I am completely on my own which is pretty scary. I keep thinking to myself, can I really do this? Will I be able to stick to a consistent schedule? Well, let’s see what happens. I’ll just have to try my best, right?

I’ve been gathering tips along the way from close friends that have ran marathons before and I’ll definitely keep asking questions and picking their expert brains apart since I am totally new to this world. Here is a peak of the training schedule that I am more or less going to try to follow:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.25.42 PM** Image borrowed from Hal Higdon Training program

Instead of doing cross training today, I ran 3 miles so I’ll probably replace the 3 mile run scheduled for Thursday with some sort of cross training. See… already modifying things here…

I will be sharing my marathon experience from time to time on the blog in this new series called c’est moi natasha confessions. I hope you enjoy it and follow along this running journey with me. I am going to need all the support I can get!

Neutral Dress

I love this neutral colored dress. It’s so easy to wear and so comfortable too. I’ve worn it on several different occasions throughout the years. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (here and here) engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and weddings are filling up weekend schedules this year. Pairing this dress with a pink clutch, pink shoes and pink lipstick was the perfect touch for an outdoor summer rehearsal dinner. Have a great weekend!


Thread Social Neutral Dress (similar here and here) // Manolo Blahnik Pink Shoes ($595)  // Pink Clutch (similar here and here) // Milani Lipstick

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Toi et Moi Pour Toujours

Sparkler 2In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that the main reason I traveled to France this past weekend was for my aunt’s beauitful wedding. And that’s exactly what it was – an absolutely beautiful wedding weekend. It had been such a long time since my entire family was all together and that was my favorite part of the trip. We laughed as we remembered old jokes from way back when, we danced the night away as if no time had passed at all, and we reminisced on all of the moments we’ve shared together. There were some members of my family that I had not seen in over ten years so for all of us to be together again was really special.

My aunt wore a gorgeous, classic, cream colored dress that fit her beautifully. To top the outfit off, she wore sparkly shoes and a pearl necklace to match her pearl hair accessory. She was incredibly happy as she walked down the stairs from the mayors office, where the ceremony took place, hand in hand with her man by her side.

The reception took place in an elegant hotel inside a large banquet hall where each table was named after a specific type wine from the French region. Foie Gras (my absolute favorite) overflowed the appetizer section, champagne bottles were endless (my second absolute favorite), and fountains of chocolate desserts took over the tables. The ceremony and the party couldn’t have been more perfect. I hope we don’t wait for another wedding for all of us to be together again because this was way too much fun…Cousins Dancing Me and Mom Me and Mom 2 the bride and cousinswalking in mayors office WOmen Sparkler outside tent Men

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I spent a few days in France, about an hour south of Paris to be a bit more exact. My mother is French and moved to the United States when she was 17 but her entire family is still there. Since my grandmother, my cousins, my aunts & uncles live in France, it gives me the perfect opportunity to visit both a country I love and my family. It also gives me a chance to practice my francais which was in dire need!

I spent many summers as a little girl in Fontainebleau running around the forests, the lakes and the merry go rounds. Eating croissants from the boulangerie (bakery), drinking cappuccino at a local cafe, and walking on the zig-zag cobblestone streets, made me feel all giddy inside on this trip. Since we arrived on Thursday afternoon, I was able to walk around and explore the town a bit on Friday. I was mainly in France for my aunt’s wedding (more to come on the wedding!) but I was able to take a few snaps on my good camera as I was exploring (yes, I’m still practicing)! Four days really flew by and I miss everyone already but I cannot wait to go back.

*all images taken by Natasha for c’est moi natasha

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A Simple Thank You

{Cute Thank You stationery from Charleston}

This past weekend, I received a really nice thank you note from a very good friend of mine. As I was reading the note, I had a huge grin on my face. I forgot how a simple thank you goes such a long way and how good it feels when you get one in the mail. I grew up writing thank you notes after my birthday parties, Christmas celebrations or graduation parties but the older I get, the less frequent I find myself writing them out. And if I do write a thank you, it’s always via email or text.

I miss writing actual thank you notes. The thank you notes you write out with a cool pen and pretty stationary. After being reminded how nice and happy it made me feel to get a thank you in the mail, moving forward, I am definitely going to make much more of an effort to write my thank you’s out. And what better way to start but with new stationary I recently purchased on my Charleston trip

*images taken by Natasha for c’est moi natasha

The Perfect Tote

MZ Wallace{Pink Lava MZ Wallace Medium Tote // $215}

When I graduated from college almost three years ago (holy wow), the perfect bag was very much needed. I commuted from New Jersey to Manhattan for 8 long months, day in and day out. I carried around gym clothes, lunch, extra work clothes in case I needed to stay overnight, cosmetics, and the list goes on. It was tough! For anyone who currently commutes long distances, I have a lot of respect for you – it is so.tiring!

Now that I am living in Manhattan, I still find myself hauling around even more “stuff” – my computer, my sneakers, my kindle, my chargers, just so.much.stuff. I ONLY found the perfect bag in November of last year. Can you believe that? It took me THAT long to find the perfect tote and here it is – the MZ Wallace Medium Tote Bag. I had to share my secret with you because I wish I discovered this bag a few years ago – it would have definitely changed my commuting experience.MZ Wallace with little bagThe tote is SO great. It is so great that I just bought a second one, the lava designed one pictured above! The material is a very durable nylon material, the size is perfect, and it comes with a super cute pouch where I stuff my make-up and hair ties in. It is also really comfortable to carry around because the straps are cushion-y. I will definitely be taking this baby overseas with me on Wednesday as I jet set to France for just a few days. Here we go MZ Wallace!

**images borrowed from the MZ Wallace Official Website.


54fd69e8cce8b5751e4d428e3016fc00One of my best friend’s from college is engaged! I am so so thrilled for her and for her soon to be husband. We’ve been as close as sisters since freshman year of college and to see her take this next, amazing step in her life makes me so happy. As soon as her fiancé popped the question, we started to talk about details and plans and colors and dates –  I wanted to know everything!

Another best friend got married last October and it made me realize how much I love being a part of these special, unforgettable moments in my friend’s lives. It’s crazy that as soon as mid-twenties come along, there are SO many people taking this next step. Celebrating love seems to be on the calendar every single weekend this summer but I do not mind it one bit. My summer is now filled with weddings and engagement parties that I am very much looking forward to.

Fit, flare, floral dresses is what keeps coming to mind when I think of killer outfit to wear to these occasions. As I’m looking for some inspiration and ideas, this floral look is definitely top of mind. Which one do you like best? Do you have any weddings or engagement parties this summer?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.50.37 PM


{Topshop Floral Print Bardot Dress // $105}


{Zara Printed Dress // $59.90}

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.57.56 PM

{Floral Print Scuba Dress // $128}

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.04.03 PM

{Clover Canyon Botanical Print Dress // $169.20 (on sale!)}

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.59.18 PM

{Vince Camuto Floral Print Scuba Dress // $138}

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.06.16 PM{Bloomingdales Bardot Dress // $103.20 (on sale!)}

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Spring Benefit

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending a beautiful event called the Fresh Air Fund Spring Benefit. The Fresh Air Fund is a non-profit organization that sends inner city children to a summer camp in upstate New York or to a host family from Virginia to Maine for the summer. Through these summer getaways, these wonderful kids have the opportunity to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

The spring benefit is an annual event that raises money for the fresh air fund in order to keep and improve the program every year. A few honorary guests attend the benefit and this year was no different. On the list was Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham and Zac Posen. I was definitely a bit star struck to say the least… I did not get to meet Zac Posen which was a huge bummer (but I was close enough to the podium where he gave a speech!) but I did meet Victor and Odell (yes, we are on first name basis)!

If you know me by now, you know that I love getting dressed up and going out on the town. I wore this really sweet black & white DVF dress that I fell in love with and these really cute red drop down earrings from Bloomingdales (more details on my outfit in this post). ‘

The benefit theme this year was space themed which I loved because the decor was fabulous and the theme tied well with the purpose of the Fresh Air Fund – helping kids reach for the stars. The event space was located on Pier 61 so there was also this beautiful view of the water and the moon that night.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I danced the amazing night away with family & friends and it was such a great feeling being part of an event that helps raise money for such a great cause. Read more about the Fresh Air Fund here and how to donate if you are interested!

Night Out

Amanda Seyfried It feels like award season is constantly upon us! And I love it! Whenever a big fashion event takes place, I love scrolling through the internet and stalking all of the garments that were worn by famous celebrities & bloggers so I can see exactly what everyone was wearing and how they put their ensembles together.

The CFDA Fashion Awards took place on June 1st this year and it’s an award ceremony that celebrates & recognizes individuals from all spectrums of the fashion industry. Think, excellence in womenswear, menswear, fashion journalism and the list goes on and on. You can find the full list of this years winners here! Spoiler Alert – MaryKate and Ashley Olsen won womenswear designer of the year for their company The Row which is pretty amazing.

Here are a few of my absolute favorite looks from this year!Ashely Olsen Aymeline Valade Mary Kate Olsen Chiara Ferragni January Jones Jenny Lyons Lily Aldridge Manrepeller Rachel Zoe** all images borrowed from nymag.com

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Effortless Traveler

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about traveling, it’s that looking effortless, comfortable and chic is important. I’m personally not a sweatshirt/sweatpants kind of gal traveler but I am all about comfort. There are definitely ways to dress comfortable and still look classy/put together all at the same time. Here is my summer travel dress code that I always follow:

Maxi Dress // I have a few maxi dresses hanging in my closet and they are amazing. I slip them right on and I suddenly look put together without even trying (okay, with a bit of foundation and concealer splashed on my face, I guess I’m trying a little). I love traveling in maxi dresses, especially cotton ones, when I venture off to a warm weathered destination. If it’s chilly on the plane (which it always is), the dress serves as a blanket but then as soon as I step out into the warm weather, I’m all set to go!

Maxi Dress favorites under $100: Aqua Maxi Dress $66 (on sale!) // TopShop Black Maxi Dress $35 // Sleevless Native Youth Maxi Dress $70 // Splendid Slit Maxi Dress $94 (on sale!) // Striped Knit Zara Dress $39.90

Light weight scarf // This scarf I’m wearing is a really lovely gift that I’ve shared via Instagram and the blog a few times. I can’t get enough! It’s so easy to wear, it’s light weight and it’s a perfect summer add on to any outfit. I also love wearing scarves on planes because they serve as a blanket, just like the maxi dress does, and it easily dresses an outfit up. Whether I’m wearing a maxi or just a plain white T, summer scarves are the perfect addition.

Light Weight Scarf favorites under $100:  JCrew Embroidered Infinity Scarf $55 (taken an extra 30% off!) // Summer Floral Scarf $58 // Summer Bicycle Scarf $48 // Chevron Print Scarf $49 // Border Haze Scarf $38

Denim Jacket // My Gap Denim Jacket has been a travel jacket staple these last few years. Every summer, I always bring my jean jacket wherever I go. It’s warmer than a cardigan but light weight enough to wear out on a summer night. I can pair up denim with a cute maxi skirt or cute cotton shorts. I’ve had this one that I’m holding for a few years and I love it. It wasn’t too expensive which is a plus and the light blue color goes with everything.

Jean Jacket favorites under $100:  1969 Denim Jacket $69.95 // Vince Camuto White Denim Jacket $99 // Topshop Denim Jacket $75 // Fitted Denim Jacket $90 // Zara light blue Denim Jacket $49.90

Hat or Hair Accessory // Full disclosure – after a flight my hair get’s a little greasy…. so I like to cover it up with a hair clip, a headband, a hair scarf or a straw hat. It actually ties the whole look together in a pretty bow and as soon as I step out of a plane, I can hide my disheveled hair without a lot of effort. If you read my fedora post, hats are definitely something I’m loving this summer and I’m actually ready to purchase a new one for my upcoming trips! See a few of my favorite options below!

Summer Hat favorites under $100:  TopShop Suede Fedora $48 // Three-tone Straw Hat $29.90 // Girls Floppy Sun Hat $29.50 (extra 30% off with code!) // Wide Brimmed Straw Fedora $90 // Aqua Floppy Sun Hat $98

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

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