Night in with Netflix

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I really enjoy watching very random movies on Netflix. Whether it’s staying in on a Friday night and lounging in PJs or laying in bed on Tuesday night unable to fall asleep, Netflix is always there to save the day. There are some oldies but goodies, some random indies, some corny rom coms and just a whole lot of options. But sometimes, I spend so much time trying to pick out a movie and browsing rotten tomatoes reviews that it ends up being too late to even start something.

As I was perusing Facebook the other day, someone posted this link which is a round up of 100 Netflix movies that are currently must see movies. The list is updated on a weekly basis to reflect the most current movies on the site. This was IT —  a guide I had been searching for all this time to spell out some top recommendations. Now that I have this list at my fingertips, I already know the next 5 movies that I will be watching during my lounging sessions.

  1. The Babadook
  2. Nebraska
  3. Tiny Furniture
  4. Amelie
  5. Y Tu Mama Tambien

Any other recommendations? Am I missing a totally must see movie?

Music Thursday ~ No.9

Today, marks the 3 month anniversary of c’est moi natasha! What the heck, time has just wizzed on by. Honestly, I never knew how much work, time and effort goes into a blog until I took a leap and started my own. Coming up with content (and good content at that), churning out ideas (the notes app on my iPhone has been a favorite), proofreading (and I still make grammar mistakes), researching, taking pictures etc. Having said all of that, I am absolutely loving it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am always looking for ways to keep learning about this digital bubble. I was a little disappointed in myself this last month because I didn’t focus on learning new tricks of the trade like I wanted to. I have a to do list though that I put together for this month and hopefully I can cross out at least one thing from it. I figured if I shared it with you, it would hold me accountable!

1. Learn how to navigate photoshop and use something I’ve learned in one upcoming post.

2. Take more pictures this month using my “good” camera.

3. Create an editorial calendar!

So here’s to this month being a great, new, learning month! Speaking of new, have you listened to the brand new Mumford & Sons album?!? It’s on Spotify and you should listen to it right.this.instant, it’s awesome. Here is my Thursday fave!

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High Maintenance


I’m going to admit something a little high maintenance of me and I hope you won’t judge me too much for it. Here it goes…there are two things that I currently cannot live without – Perrier w/lemon & Equinox.  I love love love sparkling water and I love love love a good work out – I just can’t help it.

Lately, I’ve been drinking Perrier w/ lemon every morning when I wake up & every night before I go to sleep. It’s definitely become my before bed time treat and life is just too short not to enjoy. I’ve also recently joined the new Equinox gym in my office building so that’s been a huge motivating factor in keeping my work outs consistent. When a nice gym is right downstairs, there are no excuses.

Both habits might be a bit high maintenance of me but I must say I’ve been reaping the benefits from both!

Perrier w/ lemon:

  • I noticed my skin getting clearer
  • I fill up fast which makes me less hungry
  • I’m constantly hydrated because I keep wanting another glass
  • I’m detoxing my body
  • I feel healthy


  • I’ve become more fit & toned
  • I have an after work routine
  • I’m more self confident when I’m getting dressed up
  • I’m less anxious &/or stressed
  • Hot sauna = good pores

Are there any high maintenance habits that you have? What are they?!

*Image borrowed from here.

Red Carpet Vibes

sienna-miller-met-gala-2015Every year, Anna Wintour, hosts a pretty big, wild, red carpet event known as the #MetGala. The theme of the night is always chosen by Miss Anna herself. Celebrities, designers, models, essentially the whose who of the fashion industry, interprets the theme into some serious, fancy, breathtaking gowns & garments.

As I was stalking the event last night on a few social media avenues, this years theme China: Through the Looking Glass, came alive on that very red carpet. The theme itself ended up being pretty controversial interesting to say the least but nonetheless everyone pulled out all the stops. Transparent dresses (looking at you Beyonce), ruby/saphire/emerald/bronze colors and creative head dresses strutted down the aisle. Right at my fingertips lay Gigi Hadid, Sienna Miller and Rihanna all looking as gorgeous as ever.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites looks of the night. Thoughts? Any favorites? Any least favorites? Tell me.. tell me what you think!rihanna-met-gala-2015 kendall-jenner-met-gala-2015-best-dressed lily-aldridge-met-gala-2015emily-ratajkowski-met-gala-2015*All images borrowed from

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Looking Back

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Between Greekster, Passover and Williamsburg, it’s definitely been an adventurous month. My gym schedule has been pretty consistent too which makes me a very happy girl. I’ve also discovered snapchat a few weeks ago which has been a huge game changer. I was kind of living under a rock and didn’t really understand snapchat but now I kinda love it. How do you feel about it? Follow me on snap, Natasha Kardassis, if you dare!

There is still a TON to look forward to in May and I can already tell it’s going to go by in a flash. My weekend plans have filled up with a Mother’s Day gathering, Memorial weekend traveling, and friends NYC visiting, but hey I am not complaining!

These April pictures are from my insta – don’t forget to follow all of my adventures at c’est moi natasha!

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Music Thursday ~ No.8

Tomorrow is the first of May, can you believe that?! Time is slipping by real fast and it’s kind of scary. I feel like I just started the blog but it’s been closer to three months since I started c’est moi natasha. So much more to come and so many more ideas I’m cooking up!

Tonight, I had an Italian dinner with my family but as soon as I walked into dinner, I was a little tense and stressed for no good reason at all. It was a good 9-5 work day, a good work out after the work day and a good sauna sitting after the work out. It’s Thursday though and that calls for some music. With this unsolicited stress going on, I’ve had to mellow myself out a little with a few easy going songs.

Here is my Thursday pick, enjoy!

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