10.25.14 – A Day to Remember

I am always stunned and impressed as to how the little details of a wedding can truly depict and tell the story of a beautiful couple. The thought and consideration that goes into every minute step of throwing a celebration that one will remember forever is pretty amazing. After recently receiving pictures of one of my best friends wedding, I was able to relive every moment of that day which brought me back into a flurry of emotions. The wedding was not only gorgeous but it was also so authentic and genuine, that it warped you into the love that Mike & Casey have for each other.

Their story is a romantic one. Girl meets boy at a sailing summer camp in New England. Girl flirts with boy by pushing him into the water. Boy flirts with girl by pushing her into the water. They start chatting and from that moment on, sparks begin to fly.  That day, laid a foundation for a friendship, which turned into a relationship, which ultimately turned into the type of love and respect that everyone strives to find at least once in their lifetime.

I was extremely lucky to have been part of Casey’s special day as one of seven bridesmaids. We have been as close as two sisters’ ever since our freshman year of college. The stunning reception was nautical themed, with blue, white & red hues, and piercing Massachusetts water taking over the backdrop. New England oysters, Moscow Mules, laughter amongst friends and non-stop dancing ( as well as bouquet catching), all made this day a day to remember.10959675_10204135924898699_4825953725366063169_n10984067_10204135941139105_7054404985162916478_n 10527806_10204135943179156_2048697646879603153_n10959370_10204135932258883_5232761794779294917_n10406731_10204135940299084_2881651575322504125_n10989166_10204135924938700_23293791525539254_n** All images taken by Henry + Mac


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